Two new cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed from Punjab where the infected persons have been admitted to the Guru Nanak Dev Hospital in Amritsar…


With new cases coming from Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir, the overall figure of Coronavirus cases in India has now gone up to 33. The latest updates confirm that two persons, who are infected in Amritsar, have been admitted to Guru Nanak Dev Hospital. In J&K also, there are two suspected individuals.
So far the various cases of Covid-19 in the country have been confirmed from different places, namely Ghaziabad (57-year-old who returned from Tehran, the Iranian capital), Gurgaon (a PayTM employee who had returned from his vacation in Italy was found positive in the test), Hyderabad (the infected person had returned from Dubai), Agra (six family members related to the Delhi patient who was found positive with Covid-19), Delhi (a man who came back from Italy and another one who had traveled to Thailand and Malaysia), Rajasthan (15 Italian tourists and one Indian who was with them), and now Punjab (two persons admitted in the hospital) and J&K (two people who are suspected for the virus).
The level of precautions and prevention measures is high across India as far as stopping the Coronavirus from spreading in large numbers is concerned. Still, people are somehow getting infected due to those individuals who are coming from abroad, especially those countries where the cases have increased rapidly in the last two weeks.
Speaking of the global situation, then the total number of registered cases of COVID 19 in the world has now crossed the mark of 1 lakh, with more than 3,500 deaths reported, while more than 92 countries have been affected so far (updated as of now).
WHO has called spread of the virus “deeply concerning”.
New Update: Iranian MP Fatemeh Rahbar has died due to Coronavirus, the latest report via Tasnim news agency has confirmed it.
South Korea has reported 274 new cases, with the total number in the country rising to 7,041. Meanwhile, cases in China are coming down gradually since the last few days.

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